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Rosemart Portal Comercial

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Beauty Lane
Beauty Lane

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to Beauty Lane, Rosemart´s “Cosmetics Showcase”. Here you will find the World´s Finest Brands related to the beauty, grooming and wellness industries. Brought to you by Makeup Manufactures, Boutiques, Shops, Distributors and Retailers.

Pamper yourself! Happy Shopping and Stay Beautiful…






View Yourself in Over 8,000 Hairstyles!

• is a leading online destination for everything regarding hairstyles. • We have 1.5 million Unique Visitors per month and growing. • Our audience is over 80% female and affluent.’s virtual hairstyling system takes the pain and risk out of experimenting with a new hairstyle, and makes sure members get the knowledge they need to clearly explain what they want to their stylists. Members enjoy the innovative virtual hairstyling system that lets them upload their photo (or use a model’s) and try endless combinations with 1000 hairstyles, 50 hair colors, and 35 highlights and makeup selections to choose from. Some of the style categories include: Everyday Styles, Classic Styles, Salon Styles, Bridal/Formal, Celebrity and Men’s Styles.


Our Story 1. IZIGET used to be the OEM factory for global brands more than 10 years. 2. At present, IZIGET has offices in Hong Kong, India and Canada, which makes us can offer you premium service quality,the assistance of 24/7 global online client service and free phone call. 3. IZIGET established and to make every people can afford highly quality lace wigs & hair extension & dresses .




Getting Free Stuff Has Never Been Easier!

Sign up and join our community of millions of users just like you on the prowl for samples, coupons, and freebies! We will not only match you with products you are most interested, but you'll also be able to browse all samples we have available at the time. Let us provide you with freebies, trials, and samples that you'd typically be spending hard earned money on.





ASDM Beverly Hills is based on extensive skin care research and innovative production techniques that have created a thoroughly advanced skin care line to help you rediscover your skin’s youthful glow. ASDM Beverly Hills innovatively fuses science and nature to create a sophisticated line of products that embraces the qualities of both worlds. Our collection contains over 100 powerful actives! All products are paraben, phthalate, formaldehyde, BPA, mineral oil, & petrolatum free (Just to name a few). We also do not test on animals. We proudly welcome you to ASDM Beverly Hills skincare, a leader in prestigious skin care that can truly make you feel more youthful.




Eve by Eve’s is an extension of its parent company, Eve's Temptation, founded by Eva Hsieh in 2000. Eva's passion in instilling confidence in women all over the world led her to design a luxurious yet accessible lingerie collection. As beauty starts from the inside and radiates outwards, the team expanded into beauty, skincare, and ready to wear fashion. Thus, Eva succeeded in creating a durable, modern and sophisticated brand for the everyday woman. Our Beverly Hills Flagship Store is located at: 350 N Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210



Shop at MD Factor!
MD is focused on health and wellness for you. We understand you are the opinion leaders and key influencers on health and wellness topics among your friends and peers. You are constantly searching for the next best solution to maintain your healthy lifestyle. MD designs solution products that are smarter and better for you to best fit your specific needs so you can live a healthier life. Our exclusive cosmeceutical products focused on skin, hair and lash concerns and our nutricosmetics will help you look and feel better.


Motives cosmetics started in 2008 under our parent company Market America, Worldwide, which was established in 1992 and has generated over $5.5 billion in accumulated sales. With her husband’s, JR Ridinger, encouragement, Loren Ridinger made the decision to launch a cosmetics line built on great products and unlimited dreams. Our key principles have been based on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Through cutting-edge technology and attention to quality, Motives is a world leader in the cosmetics industry. Motives is worn by some of today's hottest celebrities and is a favorite of makeup artists, models and photographers. We strive to empower people everywhere to look and feel beautiful inside and out, and provide people with an opportunity to live the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. Motives has been featured in industry-leading publications, such as Vogue, Allure, Lucky, People Style Watch, and InStyle.

Market America is in the Top 100 of the Internet Retailers Top 500 list. Market America offers high-quality, exclusive brands that include health and nutrition, dietary supplements, vitamins, cosmetics, perfume, weight loss, pet care, water purification, home goods and anti-aging products. Shop for all the Market America brands that you have come to know, trust and love.



BuyTheCase is a subsidiary of a large distribution operation out of the east coast. Our parent company purchases directly from manufacturers and sells to Middlemen. These Middlemen are smaller wholesalers as well as large and small retail operations. What do Middlemen do? As costs of distribution rise, so do the retail prices you pay. Product costs can increase 25%-75% or more from the distribution point until the retail shelf. The objective of BuyTheCase is to cut out the middlemen and pass that savings on to you! When you purchase a single item from a website, the need to unpack and repack the item into a smaller box can also add an additional 15% to the cost of the item you buy. This is why we do what we do. You control how much you want to buy and how much you pay. The more you buy, the greater the savings. If you buy the case, you can save substantial amounts of money off the retail price. We pass that savings onto you. It’s that simple. “CASE CLOSED!”




Pura Bella Anti-Aging Retinol Cream works to "erase" wrinkles while firming skin and users can see the improvements within a week of usage.





25% Off on all products

Founded in 1985, the GA-DE brand has become a major player in color cosmetics, skincare products and perfumery. Danya Cosmetics, a leading cosmetics house, upholds the values established by its founder and owner Moshe Bensason, a man with natural artistic flair and a deep love for art and photography. He was the first to introduce a local brand by creating colors to nurture and enhance women’s natural beauty. For him, creating a new product is a quest for perfection and eternity. Love for colors and textures, like music, are his true reasons for living. He has always driven the brand to deliver the very best products, helping women everywhere to look their best. .





Since 1967, Sulwhasoo has made groundbreaking success and is gaining global popularity to this day. In 2004, Sulwhasoo advanced into Hong Kong, a city famous for its glistening nightscape and global name brand boutiques. Here, Sulwhasoo was ranked as Top3 Steady Sellers thus securing its position as a high-end luxury skincare brand. In 2010, Sulwhasoo made its North American debut, entering Bergdorf Goodman, the most luxurious department store in New York. The Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream was selected as "BG Best Pick" garnering many fans in a city named one of the fashion capitals of the world. In 2012, Sulwhasoo expanded to Singapore's Tang department store. One of the brand's all-time best sellers, First Care Activating Serum, was ranked #1 in sales and has become a must-have item not only in Singapore, but throughout Asia and the United States.






Founded in 1997, KIKO MILANO is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that has revolutionized the rules of cosmetics and won over the most demanding beauty addicts with over 600 points of sale in 8 countries in Europe (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland) with its presence in 34 nations (thanks to its online service delivery) and now with its new opening in U.S. KIKO MILANO is constantly committed to a single objective: to allow all women to treat themselves to the most innovative cosmetics without having to sacrifice their budget. Quality is no longer synonymous with high prices.




In the mid 1990s, Beauty Brands was conceived to give women exactly what they wanted - a relaxing, comfortable and convenient place to indulge in services, shop for premium and professional hair care products, get advice, and come out feeling beautiful.

In the mid 2000s, the product mix was expanded to add cosmetics and skincare.

Today, Beauty Brands has revolutionized the concept for the Modern American Beauty: a woman who is confident, feminine, and natural in the most beautiful sense. This is a woman who loves to experiment, is creative, but also appreciates timeless beauty. She wants a cosmopolitan experience close to home, no matter where she lives - a taste of something luxurious everyday, without a hint of pretension. She seeks a one-stop place where she can learn, experiment and indulge; a place to buy the marquee brands she loves, and discover new and independent brands that also deserve her loyalty.

At Beauty Brands, she can discover her natural beauty with world-class products, services and treatments tailored to her by knowledgeable experts who care.

 Beauty Brands offers a total beauty experience. The best mix of famous brands and indie labels all chosen and championed by our trusted experts who want you to know why we love them. Discover amazing ideas, products and treatments every time you visit.





Vanity Planet is a boutique marketplace, focused on beauty, grooming, and wellness. We’re more than your typical online store. We source, curate, and design products that benefit your life on the daily. Our approach is simple: amazing taste with minimal investment. Each item we carry is selected with intention and quality is never, ever sacrificed. Why? Because like you, we say forget the stigmas. We’ll admit we care about our appearance and how we portray ourselves to the world. Care and confidence run deep in our veins, so we’re conscious about the things we own and understand how they improve our everyday lives. That’s why we only sell goods we use, goods we love. From the beginning, we set out to create a digital space for the mindful and savvy shopper. Today, we’re doing just that, as we foster a community of style mavens, mommy bloggers, traveling gents, health nuts, and individuals who work hard and spend well. After all, our mission remains the same: to offer inspired products that enrich the lives of our customers. That’s all there is to it.



SkinB5 products effectively treat and manage all types of acne whilst helping you to maintain healthy skin naturally. SkinB5 is a highly reputable product trusted by a growing number of skin professionals around the world and is dedicated to creating innovative, natural ingredient products as a solution to acne conditions. SkinB5 offers 100% natural ADVANCED ACNE PRODUCTS that really work! Be part of our fast growing global success. Our commitment to our customers is to act with integrity in our quest to provide safe, ethical alternative products which genuinely work to effectively treat and cure acne & improve overall skin health.





Exposed Skincare

Exposed Skin Care is dedicated to producing the best acne care products on the market today. Exposed Skin Care was founded in Seattle, Wa in 2002 to bring you a truly revolutionary line of skin care products, guaranteed to clear your acne-prone skin within 30 days. Exposed combines the power of advanced science with the soothing properties of pure natural extracts, to bring you skin that is not only clear, but also healthy and balanced. Exposed targets all 4 causes of acne by unclogging pores, killing acne causing bacteria, regulating oil, and calming redness. Exposed has helped over 100,000 teens and adults, suffering from embarrassing facial and body blemishes, to return their naturally beautiful skin.




AmorePacific AMORE PACIFIC CUSHION COMPACT - Experience the breakthrough air cushion technology that changed the face of beauty AMOREPACIFIC CUSHION COMPACT - Weightless, buildable coverage. Effortless perfection. AMOREPACIFIC - The ultimate indulgence for authentically beautiful skin. AMOREPACIFIC - Indulge in the pure luxury of Korean beauty culture without journeying to Seoul.



 Planet Beauty has been the premier luxury beauty retailer with 38 stores in California since 1992. The most popular and trending exclusive beauty products are all available at Planet beauty stores and . Our brands include Dermalogica, Murad, Philosophy, Anastasia, Matrix, Pureology, Redken, Perricone, Rodial, Smash Box, Too faced, Tria, Moroccan Oil, AVA hair care, and so many more.






Sea Veg Whole Food Seaweed Supplement with Fucoidan

Sea Veg® products from FarmaSea™ contain organic vegetarian & vegan Vitamin D, Iodine, Omega-3, Omega-6 and Fucoidan in our premium blend of nutrient-rich sea plant and organic seaweed vitamin supplements. We are a premium brand leader in this market and have been marketing both on TV infomercials and online since 2005. We have a very large number of devout users who experience amazing benefits from the product, and continue to search for our brand online to re-order month after month. We have an industry-leading 90-day unconditional money-back guarantee. Our guarantee is "Feel Younger & Healthier in 90 Days or Your Money Back". We encourage affiliates to repeat this guarantee in their marketing to demonstrate our belief that everyone can benefit from the unique vitamins and minerals in our supplements, as well as use our website testimonials of the amazing results users have been experiencing from our product for almost 10 years!




Discover a premium assortment of artisan spa and body products with every change in the season - 4 amazing care packages delivered right to your door! Featuring professionally evaluated brands, inventive & sustainable products, and the best eco-friendly ingredients - designed to help you peacefully transition to a new season. Receive 8-12 trial and full-sized products of unsurpassed value. Gift to yourself or someone special.



The Himalayan Salt Shop has been the premier seller of these amazing products for almost a decade. These natural works of art are made from pristine chunks of Himalayan Crystal Salt and shine a soothing orange-reddish glow while naturally cleaning the air inside the home via negative ions that are emitted by this special crystal salt.




LA Minerals - Makeup Kits Mineral Makeup

L.A. MINERALS Your 10% Off Club One of the Best Kept Secrets We have thousands of repeat customers, around the globe, so we reward them with access to our 10% off Club. Every month you get an email with your 10% off code to use all month long, over and over again! You'll also get: • New Product Launch Notifications and Intro Prices • BOGO sale Access • Tips & Tricks for Looking Your Best • Blitz One Day Sale events • 20% or More off Sales.




Luxury Barber Box

Luxury Barber is the ultimate online destination for the finest artisan men’s grooming products you can’t find in your local department store. We carry the highest quality men’s grooming, hygiene and anti-aging products that work to satisfy your every need while helping you discover your new favorite products in the process! Due to the tremendous positive feedback our loyal customers have given us on the wide variety of our products, we decided to launch our very own Luxury Barber Subscription Box. Every month, box members receive ten high quality grooming products from luxury brands like Baxter of California, Billy Jealousy, and Dr. Brandt among many others. By testing our carefully selected assortment of products members can find what works best for them without the commitment. Once they find what they love, members receive 10-20% off of everything on our site just for being a part of the subscription service. From pre-shaves to razor blades, we pride ourselves on choosing the best quality products that enhance and improve your grooming routine.



Introducing Matte For Men Skin Care Products. Specifically designed for men to effectively care for their skin in a simple and straight forward manner. The finest men's grooming products available... all men can enjoy the benefits of the Matte For Men line of products. By combining the latest skin care technology with the highest quality ingredients, Matte For Men Products not only protect and care for your look...they help enhance it!
 carries 100% Genuine Brand Name products at up to 70% OFF Retail . With over 17,000 beauty products and Free U.S Shipping on all orders over $59, you can find all your beauty products for less! Health & Beauty

EachBuyer is an online consumer friendly store committed to excellence and selling over 15000 products at the lowest prices.
 - For The Gift That Keeps Giving! offers the largest selection of quality monthly clubs available in one place. We are currently offering hundreds of options in over 40 month clubs with more on the way. With monthly clubs, you can easily touch someone throughout the year and with our tremendous variety, you are sure to find the perfect gift for anyone on your list. Be sure to check out our About Us or FAQ sections to learn more about us. Take a look at some of our featured monthly clubs.



Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in a variety of cities across the United States and has been recently featured on the Today Show, Good Morning America, and named the #1 Hottest Website for 2010 by Fox Business News! How It Works: 1. Each day we feature something cool to do at an unbeatable price. 2. You only get it if enough people join that day… so invite your friends! 3. Check back the next day for another awesome Groupon!